Next Generation Project
Message from Swami Omkaranandaji

Om Namo Narayanaya

Ne Me Bhakta Pranashyati -My Devotee Never Perishes


Dear Devotees and Friends

Many Blessings of Sriman Narayayana

We have taken a path of Devotion and Faith. We walked a long way together.  Badarikashrama flourished by devotion.  


On May 14th, 1984, Mothers Day, we inaugurated Badarikashrama San Leandro Center.  It was a joyfull moment that day.  Sincere devotees supported this center and day by day and the ashrama flourished. That fruit of our labor manifested a center in Madihalli, Karnataka India. A elegant prarthana Mandir was built, a school was established to accommodate 1200 children and today 700 are studying through the CBSE curriculum.  Adjacent to the school is a large 7 acre ornamental garden which the children and devotees enjoy everyday.  There is a goshala with 14 cows, A coconut orchard with 400 yeilding and 400 still growing. Our two centers are established, spreading the Vedic Heritage of India and serving humanity through education.


In the San Leandro Center there is a greater demand for our services but the space is limited therefore we are looking to expand to larger property not for from our current location.  We are looking for 3 to 5 acres of land or a existing church. The work has already begun. Members and devotees are working together in an effort to Manifest Badarikashrama Next Generation by raising awareness and collecting funds.  I invite you to join in this noble effort.  

Thank you very much. 

May Sriman Narayana bless you with health, happiness and prosperity. 

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Join us for the wold Premier of 

Awaken the fearless within you

A dance theater producation premiering June 12th at 10am.

The fundraiser event is for Badarikashrama, an Organization striving to Serve God through Humanity by imparting spiriutal knowledge and modern education through selfless service and personal tapasya.

-How to Participate-

If you plan on attending the live showing in Badarikashrama Mandir please sign up for free on the following link.

Visit the Directors website, Chandana Haricharan

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Directors thougths

What happens when your dreams and aspirations are overpowered by self-doubt and fears? Mayaangi’s story is about one’s dreams, aspirations, and a journey to embrace the fearless in you.

I wanted to weave a story around the characters that were mythical and yet relatable to capture the imagination of young minds. We wanted to bring them alive through classical dance and drama. The female characters (Naayikas) I tried to create are strong, yet vulnerable and without reference to the hero(Naayaka) in the context. Can you identify with them? Watch us at our premier.

Mayaangi a dance theater production by LayaNritya Premiering on June 12th on YouTube and live screening at Badrikashrama at 10:00 AM.

*All the proceeds of this fundraiser go towards Badarikashrama's Next Generation Project.