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The mission of our India center is to establish a social and spiritual organization that is self-sustaining over time with an ability to serve God thorough Humanity. The mission has been developed to understand the true nature of Hinduism by searching for the Divine within oneself and helping others towards this realization.

Since its foundation in 1983, the centrer has grown from a mere two-acre barren land to over 50 acres of thriving orchards, mango gardens, coconut groves, a residential facility for visitors, and a center for spiritual living and learning for devotees on an ongoing basis.  Badarikashrama has a primary school and a middle school that benefits children in this rural area.

The local residents are able to participate in the ongoing activities, which include evening kirtan and satsanga, bhajans, weekly music and Sanskrit classes, seminars, personality development camps and yoga training camps. Celebrations are held for all major festivals.  Residential accommodation is available for individuals and groups who wish to visit Badarikashrama for short and long term spiritual retreats. These activities are rapidly turning a once unknown place into an international spiritual community with many families visiting regularly to sing God’s name, perform karma yoga and provide support to the ashrama.



  • Residential school for rural children;

  • Vedic school for Brahmachari; Sanyasi training

  • Expansion of the computer school with more computer and technological innovations

  • Retirement community for those interested in spiritual development and service

  • Ayurvedic herbal garden and clinic

  • Eastern and Western Cultural and Educational exchanges, conferences and seminars


Dental and Medical camps for villagers are arranged yearly. The surrounding villages and Madihalli are benefiting tremendously from new opportunities of employment and the strength gained from following daily spiritual disciplines. The villagers and children express pride in their association with the ashrama as they learn music and participate in the frequent festivals organized by the center. The mission has continued to gain strength and continues to make impressive strides to serve the needy with local and governmental support. The facility is a blessing for the local residents providing the best way to serve God through Humanity.

The extensive coconut plantations are now substantial and provide gainful employment for men and women from the local villages. The village children are being sponsored for schooling with future opportunities to provide teaching of Vedic culture, Sanskrit and other educational programs. Children are also taught about what yoga is, about the benefits of yoga, and are imparted beginners yoga lessons and are guided through yoga poses.

Our Community

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